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Online UPS
Online UPS are the advanced backup units that are especially designed to provide alternating current to the devices like laptops, personal computers and gaming console to use them fora couple of minutes and an hour in case of power breakdown.
Smart UPS
We are offering wide range of Smart UPS in many different variants as per their output capacity to energise the devices that runs on alternating voltage. These power units are provided with aninverter through which signal passes.
Data Center
Data Center are smart file management units that are widely used in large business organizations to collect, share and process large digital data. They are provided with intelligent controllers which make them reliable, fast and efficient in operation.
Easy UPS
The offered range of Easy UPSconsist of high performance electrically driven power banks that are provided with a dual channel convertor of AC to DC and vice versa. They are available in different variants with a power rating in between 15 to 40 Kilo volt hour.
Automatic Transfer Switch
Automatic Transfer Switch are the intelligent units that are commonly used in networking, telecommunication and data centres of large organizations for the shifting of the control from the primary controller to the secondary ones during breakdown or repairing.
APC Online UPS
The range of APC Online UPS 1 to 10KVA availed by us are especially designed to give power to the electrical loads like computers that runs on alternating power. These machines are equipped premium class materials which ensures fast and efficient working.
Line Interactive Ups
Line Interactive Ups offered by us are suitable for both power back up and surge suppression in the input voltage to provide a smooth and ripple free output for the efficient and safe working of your computer systems and other AC loads.
Network Management Card
Network Management Card are the electronic boards that are used as a controller in the data centres for the large organizations for the controlledand trouble freeoperation. These circuits boards are equipped with best quality components which results in faster speed.
Back UPS
Back UPS are high performance devices that are designed to give sufficient power to the devices such as laptops, gaming console and desktop that runs on alternating voltage to make them run for a couple of minutes and hours in case of electricity shut down.

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